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Old Vietnamese Series painting “Co gai ban hang”

Co gai ban hang “the seller”. I did four of these series. Two of them were sold.


Creating Puddle on the Road

Here is a simple Vray tutorial of Creating Puddle on the road shared by vhycheng in our site.

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final output:

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whole view link:

road map: any good road map will do
dirt map:

Sunlit living area

Original vray output. Sunlit Living area.

Pencil sketch

I am exploring pencil sketch using Photoshop. Here is my preliminary result using spherical output from Vray SU.

Wall series

The idea of integrating 3D visualization with traditional media is always a possibility I want to do. I am trying it on this series. I started with Sketchup, editted the wall texture using photoshop, rendered in vray. Later I will use these ephemera for my painting collage together with sketchup styles of plans, elevation, or sections. Still a plan though. For the meantime… the vray render image.

Reserved, polite and hardworking

Characteristics of a beautiful woman

Detail 1

Detail 2

Scent of a woman

Another completed painting using mixed media. I used lots of real sand granules, construction chemiclas like bitumen to protect the steel from rusting and ordinary house paints. I enjoy using architectural materials in painting. I will be looking on the possibility of water proofing materials and sealers.