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Honestly its hard to maintain and update this site in Vietnam. I am not expert in creating Website.. Finally I made one using Google SItes..


New Nomeradona Sketchup and Vray BLOG

From now on I will be concentrating also on my New blog exclusively dedicated for Sketchup and Vray Resources. CLICK HERE.

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Malagung Dalaga

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The Alibata Script or Baybayin

ALIBATA or Baybayin is an ancient writing system that was used in the Philippines. This writing was used in our country until the Latin form was introduced by the Spaniards. Because of the colonization, this script was gone but somehow variants of it are still used in parts of Mindoro and Palawan. I first came to know this script upon seeing when I was in the University when I saw a bedroom filled with ornaments in alibata. That particular bedroom ” if I remember correctly designed by a reknown architect Manosa”, made a lasting impact to me as part of Filipino Identity. I am proud to say now after doing so many paintings incorporating alibata, I can now read and write with this script. Here is the complete alibata script with translation

How to generate terrain from contour lines in Google SketchUp.

Here is my work flow when it comes to skinning terrain. It is much faster than the curviloft script.

Download tutorial here:


“Don’t judge your brother”

One of my favorite line in the bible, were Jesus rebuked the hypocrites. I have written the text in baybayin or alibata.

Detail 1 (upper part)

Detail2 (mid part)

Detail 3 (lower part)

Lupang Hinirang

In this painting, I have written our National Anthem “Lupang Hinirang” in baybayin or alibata. This pre-hispanic colonialism script was forgotten already since we are using the latin script nowadays. I became so passionate with this script. Learn it and now able to read and write it.

Lupang Hinirang Detail1

Detail 2

Using Filipina symbols

Here are two of my new paintings. This time I am using Filipinana symbols. Although my paintings I used women from different culture, still there is a generic meaning embedded in these pieces giving tribute to mother’s caring characteristics.



PIlipina “detail1”

Detail 2 Filipina